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Write in paragraphs.

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1. In what way(s) does Steve Jobs’ commencement speech serve as both informative and persuasive speech? Under what categories of informative and persuasive speeches would you classify the commencement speech? (Answer in 50-150 words). (10 points).
2. What techniques of effective informative speaking, as discussed in Lucas, Chapter 15 and/or in the class lecture, do you observe in the speech? (Answer in approximately 50 words). (10 points).
3. Identify and discuss ways Mr. Jobs applies the SUCCES principles in his speech. (Write in 100-150 words). (10 points).
4. Analyze the speech using any one of the other three rhetorical analysis approaches. Approximately (100 words) (10 points).
5. What personal life lessons did you take away from the speech? (50-100 words) (10 points).
Write in paragraphs. Indicate the question you are answering.


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