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Write a short, one to three page, paper explaining the relationship between it metrics, measurements, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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The Bunch of Stuff Factory is one of the 10 largest candy businesses operating in Austria, with each retail operations considered a strategic business unit (SBU). Each SBU operates its own customer account system with its own database. Unfortunately, the company failed to develop any data-capturing standards and now faces the challenges associated with low-quality enterprise-wide information. For example, one SBU system’s customer data form has a field capturing email addresses while another SBU’s customer form does not. Duplicate customer information among the different SBU systems is another major issue, and the company continually finds itself sending conflicting or competing messages to customers from the different SBUs. A customer may have multiple accounts within the company, one representing a membership at one SBU, another representing an order from a different SBU, and another for a custom or special orders. The Bunch of Stuff Factory has no way to identify that the different customer accounts belong to the same customer.
The Bunch of Stuff Factory just hired you as its data management expert. You task is to create a plan that The Bunch of Stuff Factory can implement, which will solve their low-quality data problem. The plan must contain a section describing the business effects of low-quality data, a section describing the advantages of using high-quality data, a section identifying the two or three best recommendations for correcting data quality issues (address why they are the best recommendations), and a section describing a software/system solution after the recommendations are implemented.
Write a short, one to three page, paper explaining the relationship between IT metrics, measurements, effectiveness, and efficiency. Be sure to support your statements with subject matter expert and/or scholarly sources and material. The paper must contain the following sections and section headings (you may add more headings as needed):
Low-quality Data Effects
High-quality Data Advantages
Utilize APA guidelines for formatting your paper, referencing sources, and citing material. The paper must use Times New Roman, 12-point font/typeset. Your paper should include a title page and a reference page and, at at least two references.


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