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**Please respond to the peer post below, do no use Mayo clinic or wiki as references or references more than 5yrs old**
My clinical change project is significant to nursing, the issue being brought to attention is Breastfeeding, breastfeeding carries many benefits for both mother and infant, yet the rates of exclusive breastfeeding are not high enough. The intention to breastfeed in Western culture is high, however many mothers stop breastfeeding before they are ready. The issue is addressed from a physiological perspective, the number of cases of primary milk insufficiency or contraindications to breastfeed are low. Despite this many women encounter various barriers to breastfeeding. Barriers that exist are seen at the social, cultural, and political level; these barriers are outside of maternal control. Breastfeeding is a public health matter and therefore it is important to review, identify and examine the impact of these barriers. The goal is to considers how the public health services can play a central role in creating a supportive breastfeeding environment for new mothers. (Brown A. Breastfeeding as a public health responsibility: a review of the evidence. J Hum Nutr Diet. 2017 Dec, 30)
Breastfeeding is inexpensive, saves time and gives the infant immunity, the health benefits are beneficial to both mother and baby, and offers cost-savings to the health care services. Education on breast feeding can include the father and can turn into a patient centered care focus. Breast feeding has evidence-based practice for new nursing mothers, there are many healthcare factors that contribute to such as healthy bacteria is essential for good gut health and good immunity against other invading microbes, breastfeeding is an infant’s first defensive and first immunizations in early life. I find that this topic targets many competencies that are learned in this program and as a future nurse practitioner I believe that promoting and advocating towards breastfeeding does good to the community and promotes health.
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