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However, what do you do when your actions, beliefs, or values contradict the code of ethics?

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NASW Code of Ethics Paper Instructions
As you know, understanding the Code of Ethics for social work practice is critical when engaging in ethical decision-making. However, what do you do when your actions, beliefs, or values contradict the Code of Ethics? What are the implications? How do you resolve the conflict? This assignment will prompt you to become more familiar with the ethical standards of social work and consider likely areas of conflict.
I encourage you to be honest and forthcoming with your areas of conflict. There is no “right” answer, and no judgment will be attached to your response. You will only be graded on how you examine and process conflict.
To begin this assignment, please review the Code of Ethics from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and pick one standard you anticipate struggling with. In other words, which standard can you see yourself most likely violating?
For this assignment, you must submit a Word document that is no more than four pages in length. The paper must include a title and a reference page, and you must follow APA guidelines.
Please double space your paper and use a 12-point font. Your paper should be organized using two headings: Section 1 and Section 2. All the prompts under Section 1 and Section 2, given below, should be addressed.
Address each of the following:
1. State the standard you are examining.
2. Explain the meaning of the standard in your own words.
3. Why did you choose this particular standard?
4. What aspects of the standard do you find challenging?
5. How do you see yourself violating this standard?
6. What personal values or beliefs does this standard challenge?
Address each of the following:
1. Can you still be an ethical helping professional if you don’t uphold the code of ethics? Explain and refer to the examples you provided in Section 1.
2. What indicators are present in your life or practice that would alert you to the fact that conflict with this standard is problematic?
3. Explain how you would reconcile this conflict.


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