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Given this information, what should you do?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Ethics | 0 comments

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We are going to be learning about Ethics and Boundaries. There is a PowerPoint that I have attached. In the middle of each slide there is a megaphone. Click on the megaphone and you will hear an audio of me explaining each slide. Your assignment this week is to review the PowerPoint. Once you reviewed the PowerPoint, please submit response via canvas.
Scenario 1: You are a case manager at an agency that runs a mentoring program for at risk teens. Many of the teens you work with are heavily involved with social media and have friended you on facebook and follow you on instagram. One Saturday night you attend your friends bachelor/bachelorette party where you have several drinks and a very good time. You friend tags you in several posts of pictures of you dancing provocatively with alcoholic beverages in your hand. In addition the groom/ bride’s 20 year old sibling is seen in the pictures consuming alcohol. When you return to work on Monday you have several messages from parents of the teens on your voicemail concerned over the posts of you on Facebook. What should you do?

Scenario 2: You are a case manager with a state agency that has a clearly defined policy regarding the receipt of” gifts” from clients. You have a very difficult case that you have worked on and helped the family achieve a very successful outcome. The family is so happy with the outcome they decide to surprise you with a new IPAD. When you attempt to decline they tell you that it’s really important for them that you accept this gift that that they really want to express their thanks. They state that they will not tell anyone about the gift. What should you do?

Scenario 3: You have working with a young single Mom for quite some time. You see that she has no support and is truly trying to get by. She shares with you that she has applied for multiple services to help with rent, food and heating. Each service told her that her income was just over the limit. She shares with you that she has been leaving her 6 year old child home alone after school for about an hour after school so she can earn money to cover the rent. She shares with you that she just doesn’t have a choice. Given this information, what should you do?

Scenario 4: You are a case manager working for a local agency that provides support for recovering addicts. One client in particular you have bonded with. The clients share with you his troubled past and the abuse he endured during his childhood. Your agency has a strict policy that personal cell phone numbers are not allowed to be shared. Your client shares with you that his only relative he has a good relationship with is in intensive care at the local hospital. He shares that he is scared. He asks if he can have your cell phone number so he can call if anything happens to his relative over the weekend. What do you do?

Please post your responses via canvas. Please share which of these scenarios was the most difficult for you and why?


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