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Download sign the a3 assessment coversheet with ethics acknowledgment.

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Journalism, mass media and communication | 0 comments

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Using the research techniques discussed in lectures and tutorials, students produce a multimedia story on a newsworthy topic, comprising three components: (1) 400 words of digital text with a headline; (2) a 40-second audio story; and (3) a 1-minute video story. Each news component will include interviews with at least two sources, one of which is a human source. It is essential that the three components complement each other whilst telling the story differently, suited to the particular mode of delivery. As a result, each component adds value to the story by offering a new perspective, deeper insight or understanding of the topic being reported.
400-word news text with headline
40-second audio news story
1-minute video news story
Wednesday November 9, 4.59pm (Final Assessment Period)
Submission instructions
Complete and sign the A3 Assessment Coversheet with Ethics Acknowledgment. Download sign the A3 Assessment Coversheet with Ethics Acknowledgment.
1. Include in your coversheet the following:
Text script, headline in Word
Audio script in Word doc
Video script in Word doc
Source contacts list, bibliography
2. Submit your mp4 video file and mp3 audio file to your tutorial in MS teams in the ‘assessment 3’ folder. Create a folder in your name.


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