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Do you know who made it?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Art | 0 comments

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Learning a craft can take many years and in an age of manufacturing, is rapidly becoming a lost art. There is beauty and integrity in a handmade object, whether it’s functional or decorative. You will consider the process and product of a hand-made object in a short video about the craft of weaving. Then, this assignment asks you to examine the objects you interact with in your daily life and consider how many were made by hand.
Learning Objectives of this assignment
Characterize the difference between craft and fine art
Investigate various media and methods for creating crafts using two vocabulary words
Utilize two vocabulary words to describe objects that are functional or decorative
Task 1: Review the video The Minds of Makers: Kate Smith
Make a list of objects in your home crafted by hand (as many as you can find–5 is the minimum.) Make a determination if each object is functional or decorative and state that in your list. Be sure to state why its hand crafted rather than mass produced. Do you know who made it? What’s the story behind this object?
Task 2:
Select two handcrafted objects from your list to photograph and share with the class; relate your choices to video above in some way using two relevant vocabulary terms from Unit 3.
Task 3:
Post your list, two images and discussion of each to the Discussion Board.
Task 4:
Respond to three classmate’s posts in a meaningful way. Be sure to use relevant art vocabulary you’ve learned!


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