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Do you agree with diamond concerning his arguments on reasons why rapa nui civilization collapsed?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | History and Anthropology | 0 comments

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Do you agree with Diamond concerning his arguments on reasons why Rapa Nui civilization collapsed? Or are there only certain parts of his arguments with which you agree? Is the degraded environmental condition on Easter Island over time and heavy natural resource use by the Rapa Nui a microcosm and lesson for what humans are currently doing to the earth more broadly? Being the most isolated habitable region in the world with a relatively isolated population, is Easter Island a “natural” laboratory to better understand such processes?
Your writing should begin with an overview of your opinion and summary of data supporting it and rely on evidence from this week’s readings and any other pertinent course materials (e.g. lecture video) from this week, stated in a clear and organized manner. The writing should be approximately the equivalent of one page double-spaced with citations of our relevant sources to provide evidence for your argument.


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