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Describe if there any helpful or unhelpful questions that the therapist utilized with the patient.

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For this discussion, you will need to watch the following video. The video is long, but you can skip to the part where the therapist speaks with the clients. The therapy session is about 50 minutes long, but is very interesting. We will utilize this video in modules 5, 6, and 7. Please respond to the following questions:
Based on the concepts that are presented in the chapter, how do you think the therapist connects with the feelings of the client? How did she deal with emotional vocabulary presented by the patient?
Describe how the therapist built rapport with the patient?
Describe a moment in the therapy session that the therapist was able to help the client connect with his feelings. Provide examples or details.
Describe if there any helpful or unhelpful questions that the therapist utilized with the patient.
Overall, what was your impression of the session?
please respond to Alicia:
The therapist in the video, Dr. Johnson, did a wonderful job connecting and building a therapeutic relationship with the clients who were looking for assistance. Scott and Leslie were seen by Dr. Johnson looking for assistance with their relationship concerns, they are in a relationship with one another, and they are having difficulties demonstrating healthy communication. “Encouraging, paraphrasing, and summarizing are active listening skills that are the cognitive center of the basic listening sequence and are key in building empathic relationships.” (Ivey, pg. 133) Dr. Johnson reiterated the information the clients shared with her in order to show her active listening abilities and to make sure she understood the situation and what they were sharing correctly. She assisted them with deescalating techniques to create new healthy patterns of interaction. She asked many open-ended questions to gain more information about the clients and their concerns. Two questions Dr. Johnson asked that really stood out to me from the video are, “Does this leave you to feel like there’s no safety in the relationship?” and “This leaves you both feeling alone and unhappy?” These are great questions to gage and understanding into the client’s feelings regarding their encounters, which will also help the clients connect with the hard feelings they may be holding on to. Overall, I think Dr. Johnson did a great job throughout the entirety of the session, she was engaged with the clients and was working with them to help them reach their set therapeutic goals.
Please respond to caitlyn:
The therapist connects with the feelings of the clients by using reflection of feelings. According to Ivey et al. (2017), reflection of feelings is, “Identify the key emotions of a client and feed them back to clarify affective experience” (p. 155). This allows for the client to understand their emotions more fully and talk more about their feelings.

In order to build rapport, the therapist used attending and observational skills as well as basic listening skills. These skills allow for the client to feel heard, understood and feel most comfortable. She was patient and kind to the clients. She remained very understanding of the clients’ perspectives and feelings and made sure to keep a comforting tone of voice. You could tell the therapist has a lot of empathy toward the clients.

One moment in the therapy session where the therapist was able to help the client connect with his feelings was when he mentioned that his wife makes him feel like a monster. She asked him if he has ever spoke to his wife about the feelings of rejection. It comes across that he’s never spoke up about how he feels. She overall makes him realize its not as difficult as he originally thought to speak up about how he feels, it’s mostly just unfamiliar.

One thing that stood out to me was the therapist telling the clients “let me know if I’m wrong” when she repeats things back in a more paraphrasing manner. This helps the therapist gain a clearer understanding of the situation at hand but also allows the client to hear it back and reexamine the situation and solve the problems.

My impression of the session was it was interesting to watch. There were many aspects that I think went well. It was nice to see a comfortable therapy session despite the heavy topic at hand. She used a lot of skills we have or are currently learning about. Each client got to share their side and the therapist did a good job at remaining unbiased and patient while the clients worked through how they felt.


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