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What is the “endgame”?

by | Nov 9, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Instructions: Answer each of the following questions with a minimum 3-sentence response. Be sure to include supporting evidence (direct quotes) from the text with MLA in-text citations for each of your answers, and then respond to one of your classmates with 5+ sentences.
How do you interpret the relationship between Hamm and Clov? And why does Hamm keep demanding his “dog”?
What does Nell mean when she states “Nothing is funnier than unhappiness…”
What is the “endgame”? It’s said that nothing ever happens in Beckett’s plays. If something were to happen in Endgame, what would it be? Explain.
What is the significance of the words “zero,” “once,” and “finished?” What is the most important word in the story?
What is the significance of the painkiller requested by Hamm?


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