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Research the meaning of a responsive design.

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Computer sciences and Information technology | 0 comments

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Part 1 :
1. Select one of these topics to conduct research and write a report to share your findings with the class as your graded DQ.
1. Research the meaning of a responsive design. Provide the links to three websites that use responsive design and explain how they demonstrate responsive-design behavior.
2.Research the criteria and cost to put a mobile app into Apple’s App Store.
3. Research what elements to use to estimate the cost of building an app.
2.Develop a response (300 to 500 words) to:
Give a summary of your research to give the readers enough context to understand your topic.
Discuss what decisions and trade-offs entrepreneurs need to know in making their decision.
3. Submit your research as your graded DQ response & make three or more substantive comments as replies to at least two different individual posts .
Part 2 : Now that you have read this chapter, write a short discussion to let me know:
1. Are there topics that are easy to understand?
2 .What were topics that were hard to understand? What would make it easier for you?
3. Other feedback about what to keep, remove, modify, or add?
4. Please add one study question or discussion question for this chapter and explain what you expect as the answer.


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