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Provide background and understanding of your organization’s purchasing need.

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You must demonstrate how each aspect of the Purchasing Process will be handled by your organization based on the type of product or service chosen to be procured.
Introduce to the audience to the type of organization you work for and what it does.
What is your role and what are your responsibilities in the organization? What does it mean to be a “Certified Purchasing Professional? Why is it an important designation?
Provide background on what you have been tasked with purchasing for your organization and why is it needed.
Succinctly identify and describe each element of the “purchasing process” and their connection with the “5-Rights” of purchasing.
Describe in detail how each phase of the purchasing process was handled while procuring the specific product and/or services that your organization required.
Must contain
A detailed description of the organization
A detailed description of your role and responsibilities within the organization
Provide Background and understanding of your organization’s purchasing need.
All elements of the purchasing process (cycle) are demonstrated in your presentation.
The presentation made a direct connection to the 5-Rights of purchasing.


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