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How long has the person held the position______________

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Interview a person working in Special Education. Write a formal essay your own words. What did you
learn about the person, job, and working conditions? Include two direct quotes from the interview
and cite properly.
Part 1
In the upper left hand corner of the page please include the following
Last Name, First Name
Child Development 165
Part 2:
Please include the following information in the Essay.
Name of person being interviewed:____________________
Position held:_____________________________________
How long has the person held the position______________
Date the interview was conducted:____________________
Part 3
Include two quotes from your interview properly cited.
Possible Interview Questions feel free to develop questions of your own
1. Could you describe one of your typical work days?
2. What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?
3. What parts of your job do you find most challenging?
4. What do find most enjoyable?
5. What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this


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