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Guiding questions and answer them

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Education | 0 comments

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In your analysis, identify and describe key elements of the observed lesson and analyze the instructional and assessment strategies that are used to engage the learner – focusing on the identified Danielson 3D and HLP 19, 21, 22, 5, 8 elements. Furthermore, each Domain 3 D component is composed of several smaller elements, which serve to further define the component. Make sure you address them in your analysis. Teacher Observation Critical Analysis.pdfDownload Teacher Observation Critical Analysis.pdf
Support your findings with at least 2 comments on what went well in the lesson ( “glow”) and 2 suggestions for improvement ( “grow”), supporting your statements with references to the suggested strategies from the HLP description from the (If the suggested in the module HLP is not applicable to the context of your teaching, you may choose another HLP and cite the source).
Make recommendations to improve lesson delivery making specific reference to the evidence from the low-inference transcript about the interactions between the teacher(s)/adults, children/children and children and the use of instructional materials/environment.
Submit your completed low inference notes and in-class lesson analysis via this Canvas assignment.
The in-class video analysis form has to be filled out all while referencing my module 7 time-stamped notes. You also need to choose one question from each section on Teacher Observation Critical Analysis
Guiding Questions and answer them
Again all forms are attached!


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