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I. Review this sample projectLinks to an external site.. I’ve combined the outline, annotated bib, and the final submission so you can see how it all comes together. Look at each of the parts.
II. After you have reviewed all the parts, answer the following questions here in this discussion forum.
A. For the outline:
1. What are your thoughts on the development of the outline? Give specific examples of what you think works well and what you think could be improved.
B. For the final paper:
2. Can you identify the thesis statement? If yes, what is it?
3. Do you think the thesis statement is effective for an analysis paper? Explain your answer.
4. How does the author use supporting details from both the primary source (the song) and the secondary sources (the articles)? Are the methods effective? Explain your answer.
5. How is the development? Are ideas fully developed and well connected? Explain your answer.
6. Is the organizational structure effective? Why or why not?
C. For the annotated bibliography:
7. Are the sources reliable? Why or why not?
8. Are you able to understand what the source is about and how it will be used? Explain your answer.
D. Reflection:
9. How has completing this review impacted your own writing process for the final project?


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