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Augustine, city of god, tr. henry bettenson (penguin) [isbn 9780140448948]

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The term paper for the course should be an essay of 1500 to 2000 words on one of the following kinds of topic:
a comparison of two of our authors on a specific theme, for example Plato and Aristotle on democracy, or Thucydides and Augustine on empire
an analysis of a particular issue in one of our books informed by an acquaintance with the secondary scholarly literature (one monograph or three journal articles), evaluating the scholar’s (scholars’) interpretation in light of your reading of the original text
Robert B. Strassler, ed., The Landmark Thucydides (Free Press) [ISBN 9780684827902]
Allan Bloom, trans., The Republic of Plato (Basic) [ISBN 9780465094080]
Carnes Lord, trans., Aristotle’s Politics, 2d ed. (Chicago) [ISBN 9780226921846]
Augustine, City of God, tr. Henry Bettenson (Penguin) [ISBN 9780140448948]


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