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When developing a half-day workshop, i usually will have about about 3-4 four subtopics.

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Attached is Learning Objective 3 assignment already previously completed. Learning Objective 4: In this assignment, you will be using your work from Learning Objective 3. Just like LO3, this assignment will help in the successful completion of your final project. Step 1: Select a Training Topic Refer to the “Needs Analysis” that you created for LO 3: Creating a Needs Assessment. Based on your findings and recommendations choose a topic for a training session. Keep in mind that you will want to select a training topic that you are familiar with. If the training need you have identified is for a technical skill that you are unfamiliar with, choose a “soft skills” topic that would be relevant to any company instead. Examples of a soft skill topic are time management essentials, leading effective meetings, adapting to change, etc. a) Research the topic for training. Use a minimum of 3-5 sources that can be documented using MLA format. b) Develop an outline of the key topics and subtopics you will cover in the training. I have provided an example for you to follow. c) Provide the links to the sources of information you will use to teach the workshop. These should be submitted in MLA format. Step 2: Find a video related to your topic Research a 3 – 8 minute video that can be used during the workshop to help teach your topic. Include the direct link to the video for my review. This link can be placed at the end of your paper. Explain why you selected this particular video and how you will use it to engage discussion with your audience. * Sample Outline Think of training and development professionals as teachers. They are teaching the audience new skills and providing support for what they are teaching. When developing a half-day workshop, I usually will have about about 3-4 four subtopics. Topic: Motivating Your Employees Audience: First Line Supervisors Session Outline 1. Why are employees NOT ENGAGED on-the-job? A) What does an unengaged employee look like? B) How do unengaged employees impact the team? C) What are some methods you can use to engage them? 2. ENGAGED employees A) What do they look like? B) What can you do to increase their engagement? C) How can you use engaged employees to be a positive force in turning unengaged employees into engaged employees? 3. HIGHLY ENGAGED A) What do they look like? B) How do you keep them engaged? Submit all the above documents in one file


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