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What are some key situational factors that are significant in determining which leadership style to use in a given situation?

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1.) Before we move on from Chapter 1, I thought we might need to review several other terms introduced and discussed in the chapter. Respond to the questions below in detail. 1. Some researchers feel that certain kinds of educational problems and questions do not lend themselves well to quantitative methods, which use principally ______________ analysis and try to control variables in complex environments. 2. Qualitative researchers strive to study people and events in natural settings. For this reason, qualitative research is sometimes referred to as naturalistic research, naturalistic _____________, or field-oriented research. 3. To understand the participants perspectives requires researchers using qualitative methods to interact with participants during the studt using intensive data collection methods such as interviews and _________________. 4. List the six steps of qualitative and quantitative research approaches discussed in Chapter 1. 5. Table 1.1 in Chapter 1 lists the characteristics of Quantitative and Qualitative research methods. Review the methods for each and explain which you feel you would rather conduct. Provide details in your response. I realize this could change by the end of the course but provide responses based on what you know at this time. 2.) Your assignment is to confirm you have the responses to the following in your notes (somewhere). You will most likely see each of these again in the coming weeks. Simply indicate in Canvas that you are aware of this request. Submit on or before the due date. Inductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Applied research Goal of action research Ethnographic research Quantitative research Qualitative research Steps of both quantitative and qualitative research 3.) All, read or at least scan Chapter 2 of the book for important information concerning ethics in educational research. We won’t spend a lot of time on the chapter but want to be sure and introduce the information contained in Chapter 2. Answer the following questions as you read through the chapter: 1. Researchers should abide by two important rules of ethics when conducting research that involves participants. List the two. 2. Explain the purpose of a Human Subjects Review Committee and the Institutional Review Board. 3. Fill in the blanks – An initial ________ in acquiring the needed __________ is to identify and follow procedures for gaining ____________ to conduct the study in the chosen site. 4. The feelings of involved persons must be monitored and responded to throughout the duration of the study if the ________ level of cooperation is to be maintained. 5. Perhaps the fundamental ________ rule is that participants should not be harmed in any way, in the name of science. Providing one more word bank for the semester for questions 3-5. All words will not be used and it’s possible a word could be used more than once researcher, ethical, approved, initial, cooperation, step, approval, primary, lab, golden 4.) What are some key situational factors that are significant in determining which leadership style to use in a given situation? 5.) Module 5 Discussion No unread replies.No replies. What is leadership? Reply to 1 classmate


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