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-weaknesses that students see with the article/film.

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1st topic: To prepare, please listen to this short audio story “Planet Money T-Shirt Exposes Issues of Work, Trade an Clothes” Planet Money’s T-shirt Project, NPR to an external site. Ho, Sally (2021) “ReFashioned: New Hong Kong Documentary Spotlights Circular Fashion Pioneers” Green Queen, 19 August. (| 2nd topic: Film: “Ghost in the Shell” (2017) (| After looking at the films and thinking about the topic, students would publish their bullet points: two of the five points should be questions being raised for discussion The three other points could be: -examples that are relevant to the theory/issue. -something about the relevance to Hong Kong or other parts of Asia. -weaknesses that students see with the article/film. -points that students feel are particular important. -links to other weeks in the course. (Just like File 1, for reference only, please DON’T plagarize it)


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