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Is the purpose for writing this proposal communicated?

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As a leader in your organization (school or district) and community, you may find yourself advocating for solutions to meet a school/district and community need. For this project, choose a federal, state, or local educational problem of interest (to be approved by the instructor) and create a written policy proposal using at least six (6) scholarly sources written by experts in the field that could be used to inform a governing body (such as District School Board members, state legislature, etc.) of your proposed policy change or new policy solution. Some ideas to consider might include a policy to address that solves a problem in: inequity and biases school safety technology teacher recruitment college readiness special education special populations accountability mental health discipline community support Components: The artifacts of this project will be a white paper (6-8 pages in length, not including title, table of contents, and reference pages) of the different sections of the policy proposal incorporating content from the course and a PowerPoint presentation that will be shared with governing body to inform them of the policy proposal. Supporting citations and references must be employed in the writing of your proposal and to support your researched suggestions for changes and/or improvements. Please use published academic articles (peer-reviewed journals, briefs, white papers, and books) to serve as sources and refrain from over citing one or two sources. Avoid the use of websites as your primary sources. Focus for writing the White Paper Policy Proposal Your White Paper should contain the following elements: 1) title page, 2) table of contents, 3) list of figures (if applicable), 4) introduction, 5) problem statement, 6) proposed solution, 7) conclusion, and 8) references. Each section below has questions to help frame your thinking. The questions are simply meant to jumpstart thinking and are not meant to be answered explicitly in your paper. By no means are these questions an exhaustive list to be considered. Title Page: Does your title convey the specific purpose of the White Paper and one that will gain the attention of your stakeholders? Does your title page have a “professional design” that illustrates expertise, appropriate for your stakeholder’s that inspires their interest? Table of Contents: Is your table of contents accurate and easy to read? Would a person be able to go directly to a section of interest prior to reading the whole proposal? Introduction: Does your introduction provide a more detailed picture of the purpose of the paper. Does it set up the background/problem that is addressed in the White Paper. Does your introduction address why this topic or problem is important for your stakeholders. In other words, does your introduction present the problem and its importance to gain the attention of your stakeholders? Does your introduction include a complete overview of the White Paper and your policy proposal as the solution the problem. Problem Statement: Is a problem clearly defined? Are you using well understood terms or does the broad range of your stakeholders need certain jargon to be avoid? Does your problem statement include detailed information about the problem, why the problem is important, how the problem came to be, who is or has been involved in the project, and any other information relevant to persuading the reader that the problem deserves their attention? Is the purpose for writing this proposal communicated? Are the detailed findings of your research in this section? Are stakeholders’ previous knowledge, needs, current investment in solving the problem, and expectations thoroughly considered? Proposed Solution: Have you thoroughly researched the topic of your policy proposal? Is your writing objective and truthful? Is your information accurate, biased free, and includes credible sources? Does your research and writing demonstrate your authoritative understanding of the problem and solution? Have you considered your stakeholder’s objections to your solution or perceived constraints? Does your report offer consideration to how your audience can implement your policy proposal? Does your policy proposal convey information and/or persuade the audience in a way to accept the position presented and/or feel confident to implement the information given. Does your writing position you to respond to possible stakeholder objections? Do your citations from research-based authorities ground and support your policy proposal? If your research indicates conflicting information, is that included in your writing as well? Does your writing include research of the benefits and possible challenges of the solution as well as alternative solutions. Conclusion: Does your conclusion summarize the White Paper and include the recommended Policy to address the problem? References: Are each of your refences listed according to APA style 6th edition or higher? Do your references match the citations in your paper? Are your references from expert authorities in the field and from reputable sources (books, peer-reviewed journals, white papers, briefs, etc.).


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