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However, when black boys behave in a similar fashion to white boys, they are ridiculed by other boys of color and may be seen as “sissies”.

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John Jablonski What is the theory of intersectionality and what does it mean when you apply it to gender inequality? Merriam-Webster (2022) explains that intersectionality is the culmination of the effects of many forms of discrimination. Included are racism, sexism, classism, etc., and how they combine, overlap, and come together within certain groups. Additionally, Wade & Ferree (2019) states that gender is not isolated but intersects with other groups. Analyze the issue of pay inequity from an intersectional framework. Be sure to include race, sexuality, physical ability, and class in your analysis. Wade & Ferree (2019) explains class as those who are white, male, and well-off tend to prosper greater than those with lesser means or from different cultures, races, and sexual preferences due primarily to the fact that there are much more resources available to them than most others. When discussing pay we see the white male as making more money than women in the same position. Those who are not white tend to make much less due to a number of facts. Blacks are seen as being uneducated criminals, gay men are seen as not strong enough. Racism/race is a social construct designed for no other reason but to put specific groups down or below others which can still be seen in the African American culture, Hispanics, and American Indians. Additionally, the negative behaviors seen in white kids are seen differently than in their black counterparts. “White boys misbehave, but not out of malice”, while black boys are considered troublemakers and are prone to negative or criminal behaviors. However, when black boys behave in a similar fashion to white boys, they are ridiculed by other boys of color and may be seen as “sissies”. The western world assumes that all are heterosexual and designs society along that belief. But, there are groups of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals that are considered sexual minorities that are either ignored or frowned upon. Physical ability is also racially divided. It is thought that men and women of color are better at sports, can run faster, and longer, and are much stronger than the white population. It is quite easy to see how race, culture, station in life, stereotyping, and certain expectations touch every aspect of life in a negative manner. It is also clear that doing away with expectations, stereotyping, and labels could be the start of a more accepting society. Gender is not isolated, rather it intersects with every aspect of life. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2022) Intersectionality: Definition of Intersectionality. Retrieved from https://www.merriam-webster.comLinks to an external site. Wade, L. & Ferree< M.M. (2019) Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. (2nd. ed). Retrieved from https://redshelf.comLinks to an external site.


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