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How solutions are envisioned 4.

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The student will research the theory, including determining the following: Overview of the theory Originator and brief history of the theory; historical context Underlying assumptions Key concepts and themes, including: 1. Types of problems it (the theory) addresses 2. How the problems are defined 3. How solutions are envisioned 4. How the helping process is defined Focus for solutions Variants of the theory Contemporary issues related to the theory The relevance of this theory to generalist social work practice and/or other social work practice Critical analysis of the theory, including: 1.Placement of theory on macro-micro continuum 2. Philosophical underpinnings 3. Settings and possible applications for the theory today 4. Methodological issues and empirical support for the theory 5. Potential efficacy with rural populations To explore the theory in this level of depth, the student will need to find at least 5 peer reviewed (or approved government documents) journal articles or dissertations in which the theory has been used, and report its use, relevance and findings.


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