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Instructions: (The following questions must be answered based on the information from the article, not just your own opinion). You have read the interview article “Ask a Feminist on Black Lives Matter.” Now discuss the following three questions in your discussion post and ask your classmates your own question about the topic that you would like them to answer. End your post by answering one of your classmate’s questions. 1) (In 200 words) Regarding racial justice movements, what are the three things that the role of black feminism does? Explain what you think. 2) (In 200 words) How are social justice movements, especially black social justice movements, learning from and forwarding their message through “borrowing from a queer lens”? Explain. 3) (In 200 words) There seems to be a “tipping point” in the visibility, legitimacy and acceptance of the stories regarding cis and trans women of color enabling them to take a leadership role in social movement organizations. What other ways (other than mainstream media) can be used to fully integrate those conversations and push these messages forward much easier than in the past? Why is this so important? 4) Now, ask your classmates your own question about this topic that you would like them to answer and explain why.


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