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Evaluate the importance of the building or revitalising brand loyalty.

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Individual Visual Report – approximately 2000 words (should include pictures, models, graphs and basically all the content you want to put forward). You will choose a luxury sector of your choice; a brand within that category and propose an event for 2022 or 2023. This report should use strategic band management theory, present a new proposed future thinking in events for existing customer focus. This visual report should analyse the current market in the luxury sector, competition, brand position and current brand equity. Evaluate the importance of the building or revitalising brand loyalty. The event can present a potential new product idea or focus on a key consumer market. You are required to outline their strategic decision-making, reasons for approach and timeline for execution. This visual report is to be written as if you are the marketing manager. Financial implications are to be raised as rough costings, rather than final cost implications. Format of the report: • Title page, including module code, assignment title, company name, student name, date and word count. (not included in 6-7 slides) • Introduction, giving the overall purpose and structure of the report, any key theories applied, and brief overview of the luxury sector and the brand. • ‘Event proposal, Findings & Justifications’ section with clearly headed sub-sections • Summary/Conclusion • List of References, arranged alphabetically in Harvard format The Brand I picked is Mercedes-Benz and the Event will be an auction of 10-20 special edition Mercedes G Wagon. The aim of the event is to reintroduce the brand to the Luxury sector as it focused more on the middle class car in the previous years. please find attached an example of the assessment that you can take inspiration from as well as a structure of the assessment. (The report should be a PowerPoint presentation as you can see in the example)


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