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Can cooperative learning groups work with a diverse population of students?

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Education | 0 comments

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Part2 Case Study 2 As a preservice teacher, Sandi Williams was not sure about the effectiveness of using cooperative learning with diverse students. “OK, I know it works with those who are working on grade level. But I’m not sure about students with disabilities or special needs. Just how much can they contribute to or get out of a group? And gifted students like to compete. Cooperative learning takes away half of their fun! And it probably slows them down, too. Then there are those students who just like to goof off. With a cooperative learning group, they’ll just wait for someone else to do the work. Nope, I don’t see how cooperative learning helps diverse classes of students and I don’t see how it helps classroom management.” Using the ideas of the Kagan model, respond to each of Sandi’s concerns. Can cooperative learning groups work with a diverse population of students? Use the Kagan model of classroom management to develop a plan for effectively incorporating diverse students into cooperative learning groups. What accommodations or modifications might she have to make to meet the needs of students with disabilities? Part3 n this course, you have reviewed numerous models of classroom management. Use these models to share the rules, consequences and rewards, procedures, strategies for motivating learners, and strategies for building a positive learning environment for your classroom. Classroom Management Plan List the following: Rules (only 4–5) Consequences & Rewards Procedures Discuss your strategies for addressing the following in your classroom: Motivating all diverse learners. Building a positive learning environment. State and discuss the models or theories of classroom management that you used to inform your classroom management plan.


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