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See details below.

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For this topic you will be posting links to, and reviewing, news clips and articles about Motivating Employees. This can include everything from keeping employees happy to increasing compensation to keep them around.
IMPORTANT: Click here for Discussion Board Assignment Requirements.Download Click here for Discussion Board Assignment Requirements.
You can also download the Discussion Board Assignment Instructions by clicking on the attached file below.
General Instructions
Please download and read the full Discussion Board Assignment Requirements before you begin!!!
There are two parts to this assignment:
Part 1 – post a news article related to the discussion topic. See details below.
Part 2 (24 hours AFTER posting part 1) – post a reply to another student’s news article, analyzing that article. See details in the Discussion Board Assignment Requirements.
NOTE: You must complete BOTH postings by the due date!
Good luck!
I’ll post my peer response as soon it become available.


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