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Provide the steps of the study in chronological order for the reader.

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The topic is “Events regarding depression can be reduced by simple forms of physical exercise, as it ultimately assists individuals in boosting their overall well-being.”
The other 2 files attachment is something that I have been working on to incorporate into this assignment
This part has four sections (each of which is a subheading):
1. Design- Briefly explain the design of the experiment and why that is the best design for your study (e.g., correlational non-experimental design, between-subjects, within-subjects, or mixed experimental design). Identify the variables of interest (for experimental studies, identify independent variables and dependent variables).
2. Participants- Identify how many participants should be involved in the study. Describe the inclusion and exclusion criteria. How will they be recruited (e.g., convenience sample, random sampling, etc.)?
3. Apparatus/ Materials/ Instruments- What materials or instruments will be used in the experiment? What items will you need to run your study (tests, gadgets, paper/ pencils, etc.)? Clearly state if any tests/surveys/instruments are self-created or used in a previous study. If using established instruments, be sure to cite properly and include a copy in the Appendix.
4. Procedure- Provide a clear description of all procedures to be followed in the study. This should be a step-by-step explanation of what will occur in the study.
a. For example, will there be groups? Will there be manipulation to control variables? Provide the steps of the study in chronological order for the reader. Write in the conditional tense since the study will not be carried out.


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