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To Potential interviewees: Do you believe gender affects the way the juvenile justice system responds to juvenile offending?(for example, punitive v. lenient) Please explain your answer OR Do you believe the gender of juveniles/children who violate the law influence their treatment in the justice system (correctional programs/placement options— probation, boot camp, residential facility etc., interaction with law enforcement officers (usually/often first point of contact into the justice system)? Please explain Based on your understanding of juvenile offending, why are there gender differences in types and patterns of offending? Do you believe girls’ experiences in the juvenile justice system are different from boys? Please explain What do you know about the victimization of boys v. girls? After the commission of a delinquent act/crime, do you think one sex/gender is more likely to be rehabilitated with treatment than the other? Why? Note: These are just some suggested questions to help guide you. Preferred Format: 1. Following the interview, you will summarize your findings and discuss said findings along gender lines (if no evidence of gender differences is found, it is okay to acknowledge that). Please do not forget to include background information on the persons you interviewed. For example, “I interviewed seven persons, four males and three females between the ages of 18 and 65. The average age of the respondents was 35. Of the 7 interviewees, 4 identified as Latino/Hispanic, 2 identified as……” and so on. 2. Preferred font style: Times New Roman; Preferred font size: 12; paper should be double-spaced; 3. There is no page limit, but at least 1-page minimum.


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