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For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order Now Phase 2 – Mock Client Assessment You will complete a comprehensive, written assessment of your assigned mock client based on your interview. During the assessment phase, relevant data is analyzed to make sense of the client information gathered. This process requires use of critical thinking skills to help you understand client information. Use pg 212 of the Sheafor book to understand the typical characteristics of a social history report. I suggest creating an outline of what you will include before writing (the bottom of pg. 212 can help with that). Once you have an idea of what to include, use pages 213-215 as a guide to write a social assessment report (this includes formatting). Keep in mind that each person’s report will look different. Why? Because everyone’s interview was different. For example, one interview may have discussed family background in-depth, while another interview did not discuss family at all. This means your report will likely look slightly different depending on what topics were discussed. It’s also ok that your interview did not include in-depth information about every dimension listed in the example report. This makes sense because you only had 15 minutes to talk. So, just do the best you can with the information you have. If there is a dimension that was not included in your interview, you can just put something like, “The client did not mention religion or spirituality. This social worker will explore this dimension next session.” Because, to be honest, there are plenty of times when you won’t get every piece of information so this is accurate to a real intake/report. The “impressions” section is a summary of your interpretations of the situation, or your hypothesis as to what is contributing to the client’s concerns. As with every other section, it is important to identify the client’s strengths. The “goals” section can be brief since this will be part of your Phase III assignment. Please also attach a cover page.


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