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What is your general opinion of this experience?

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Music | 0 comments

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Your report should be 2-3 pages, 12 point font, no more than one inch margins, and double spaced. Remember to break your ideas up into paragraphs, as they make them more clear to the reader! Be sure to include the title of the concert, the ensemble you heard play, and the date, time and place the concert occurred. Read the discussion below to find approved concerts. If the concert you want to attend is not discussed below, on a pre-approved list or announcement, please send me a Canvas message to receive approval. Within your report, comment on the music you heard as well as your overall experience. Use terms and knowledge you’ve gained in the course to describe what you’ve heard. Think about commenting on concepts such as: Dynamics Timbre Tempo Rhythm Harmony (Major, minor, consonant, dissonant, etc). Melody Instruments that are playing How does the concert venue effect the music? What is your general opinion of this experience? USE THIS DISCUSSION to tell each other what concert you will attend! For this class, attending something other than a classical music concert is okay, but typically, students have an easier time writing about the above concepts when they attend a classical music concert. EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY! If you are unhappy with your exam scores, not to worry! You can write EXTRA concert reports and receive up to 10 points added to your lowest exam score. Even if you did not score low on exams, 10 points will be added on top of your score, adding to your overall grade in the class. Follow the same procedures for getting these videos approved as for your required concert reports. You will submit them as a PDF file directly to me in a Canvas message by December 16 at 11:59 pm. A note about plagiarism: DO NOT plagiarize this report. I want to hear YOUR thoughts about watching a concert! It’s better to turn in a report that is written in your words about your concert experience that may be shorter, than to submit a plagiarized report. Submitting a plagiarized report will result in disciplinary action and a report to Student Services. See sample reports:


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