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Don’t provide cut-copy-paste work as it will lead to cancellation of the project.

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• Coverage of the Project (a tentative list, not exhaustive): o Industry overview o Industry players o Industry guidelines o Industry regulators o Capital requirement guidelines o Industry performance through performance analysis o Products offerings by the industry o Major SWOT analysis of the industry o Latest developments in the industry o Key challenges to the industry o Industry position and performance in the global framework o Major road ahead for the industry • Submission of the Hard and Soft copy of project deadline: 8th November 2022: The submission must be at my office by 12 pm – 1 pm. No provision of late submission is there. • Presentation week: Last lecture of the Trimester • Format of submission: o Hardcopy of the project file in word document not more than 25 pages. Single spaced, times new roman, 12 font sizes, the headings should be in 14 font size and subheadings should be in 13 font size. All the text should be justified and should follow the left to right direction. o The hard project file should contain a CD drive or flash drive (pen drive), which must contain the soft copy of the project in word file, excel sheets of all workings, Soft copy of all the annual reports or financial statements of the company used for the project, and the PPT of the presentations. o No late submission provision is there. The submission of the final hard copy of project with the soft copies must be delivered on the deadline date by 12 pm in the finance department (female) in one packet. CR should help in this regard. o Communication of Email: When you are sending a mail to me, write down your Id no., lecture timing and section no. in the subject field of the mail, so that I can consider the mail accordingly. o Plagiarism policy: the work must be demonstrating the originality. Don’t provide cut-copy-paste work as it will lead to cancellation of the project. o The Project should contain the content page in the beginning with proper page numbers. Reference, bibliography, of the materials, websites, textbooks etc. should be provided at the last page of the project. Proper conclusion of learning should be provided. • Project Submission must enclose the following: o Hard copy of the project in MS word format (guidelines provided above). Soft copy of the above project in MS word format. o All excel sheets used in the project (Common size, Ratios, etc). o Soft copy of all the news, reference materials used for the project. o Soft copy of PPT of the presentation. o The flash drive containing the soft copies of the above must be accompanied with the hard copy of the project. NOTE; The copying percentage allowed is 15%


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