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Did you have an emotional response to the article?

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Media reflections will be about a controversial issue in today’s news. Using a reliable media source is required. Social media is not a reliable media source. Media reflections should be short essays that follow the format below. They should be a minimum of one page (not including the identifying information such as title, author, etc. at the top of your paper). Use one inch margins, double spaced lines, and 12 point Times New Roman font. A title page is not required. If you use any sources other than the article itself, cite the additional source(s) at the end of your paper in APA 7th edition format. Reflections should be submitted on Canvas as PDF or Word documents. Format for Media Reflections Include the following identifying information at the top of your paper. Title of the article: Author(s) of the article: Name of the news source: URL where can the article be located: Date the article was written: Your media reflection should include the following: 1. Before reading the article, briefly describe what you already know about the event/issue. If you don’t know anything about the event/issue, what do you think the article is about based on the title of the article? 2. Read the article and summarize it. (This should be the bulk of your reflection.) 3. Write a paragraph regarding how you feel about what the article says. Include your thoughts regarding the event/issue. Did the author of the article use any emotive words? Did you have an emotional response to the article?


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