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Provide a titlepage with the case study name

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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1. Provide a titlepage with the case study name
2. Provide an executive summary, where all components of the case study are summarised and formally presented in structured paragraphs, providing critical insight into all major points of the case study analysis. Length of executive summary: 1page (400-500 words)
3. Provide a contents page that is formatted correctly with page numbers.
4. Introduction (850-1000 words):
5. Describe and critically examines the purpose of the case study. This should result in the identification of a problem(s) for Harley-Davidson.
6. Critically analyse the identified problem(s) for Harley-Davidson.
7. Identify and critically analyse the influence of at least six (6) major stakeholders on the identified problem(s).
8. Triggers for organisational change (1000-1150 words):
9. Critically discuss the triggers for organisational change at Harley-Davidson, with supporting references from the theoretical concepts discussed in class.
10. Critically discuss the relevant models and theories from the change management literature that are relevant to Harley-Davidson, provide supporting references.
11. Supporting references must be from academic literature published between 2016 and 2022.
12. Recommendations (750-850 words):
13. Recommendations to resolve Harley-Davidson’s problem(s) should be detailed
14. Three (3) change management concepts with supporting evidence (references) need to be integrated within the recommendations


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