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Write a research paper using evidence to support a thesis that addresses your research question examining a current issue or event in the news from the perspective of your field of study. The audience is people who are generally educated but do not have extensive knowledge of your field or topic. As you write your paper, be sure to include the following:
an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement. The introduction is meant to engage your readers and orient them to the topic, and the thesis statement should clearly state your position or central claim to be supported in the body of your paper.
any definition of terms or background information that your reader is likely to need to understand your paper
focused body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and use transitions as needed. This is where you will support the thesis using arguments and evidence. Use the sentence outline you developed in class to guide you.
a concluding paragraph that reiterates the thesis, summarizes key points of the paper, and leaves the reader with the “So what?”
an APA reference list that includes all of the sources cited in the text of the paper, in alphabetical order
This paper calls for an academic style, which most frequently involves third person point of view. Second person “you” is seldom used in academic writing. First person “I” is best restricted to discussions of your personal experience or involvement with the research topic or your role of as the researcher. Not all research papers will will include these discussions. First person statements of opinion (“I believe,” “I would say,” etc.) may weaken your claims. Instead, state your position without these phrases, and provide evidence.
This paper should be at least 2000 words, including references.
Incorporate these elements of APA style:
Use one-inch margins.
Double space.
Use a consistent, easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point.
Include a title page with the title of your paper, your name, and the name of your school.


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