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Book needed : gladding, s.t. & newsome, d.w. (2018). clinical mental health coun

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Book needed : Gladding, S.T. & Newsome, D.W. (2018). Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings, 5th edition. NY, NY: Pearson.
ISBN: 978-0-13-438555-6
Details for the assignment have been attached
Here is an example:
Goal #1: “I do not want to lose my temper and go off on people any more.” (some agencies require the goal be written using the client’s words)
Objective #1:
Client will learn at least 3 anger management techniques over the next 12 weeks. (The objective identifies what the client will do to reach their goal. It is specific, it uses a specific measurement, it is attainable because the client is capable of learning 3 techniques, it is realistic because I am only asking for 3 techniques, and it is time specific)
1. Counselor will teach and practice with client how to use visualization when counting to 10 as an anger management technique in at least 2 sessions over the next 2 months. (intervention clearly identifies what the counselor will do to help the client reach the goal.)
2. Counselor will teach calming techniques such as breathing and meditation and practice those techniques with the client in at least 2 sessions over the next 2 months.
Objective #2:
Client will identify at least 2 triggers that led to extreme anger over the next 2 months
1. Counselor will explore in depth the events leading up to the client losing their temper for at least 3 specific incidents over a 3 month period.
2. Counselor will assist client in identifying at least 2 triggers for each of the 3 incidents over a 3 month period.


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