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Be sure to number your pages and place your name on the paper.

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This one of the sources
Analytical Essay- 20%: You are expected to write a 6-7 page essay on a specific policy in the United States. This essay should be argumentative with a clearly defined position. You are to discuss why you think the policy is successful or not and what alternatives may exist (if speaking against the policy). This argument must be based on facts and evidence, not just your opinion. The grading for this paper will be based upon your ability to clearly articulate your thoughts and your ability to think critically and analyze the topic. To do this it is vital to write a clear and well-defined thesis statement. If you do not have a thesis statement, or if it is difficult to understand what the paper is arguing, your grade will inevitably suffer. Also, be sure that the essay is coherent and well-constructed. Avoid stray thoughts and make sure the essay flows.
You will be expected to uphold proper research standards. This means you must use academic sources as your evidence. The format of this paper should follow APSA guidelines. The guide for APSA can easily be found online at content/uploads/sites/43/2018/11/Style-Manual-for-Political-Science-2018.pdf. The paper is to be double spaced using 12-point times new roman font. Standard one-inch margins should also be used. Be sure to number your pages and place your name on the paper.
Make sure to use 6 sources.


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