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Answer one of the following two questions.

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Answer one of the following two questions. Make sure your answer to the question you chose is set out in terms of the concepts developed in this course. You should include in your answer at least two or three quotations from Marx that you explain in detail. The exam should be double spaced and from five to eight pages.
1. In The German Ideology Marx first developed some of the basic concepts of his social theory. Begin by explaining in some detail how Marx constructed two of his most fundamental concepts: the social relations of production and the forces of production. Then discuss (1) how he used these concepts to set out his analysis of the class structure (the split in production between the mental and material laborers as well as the form of ownership of the dominant class) found in ancient, feudal and capitalist societies as well as (2) how he used these concepts in his historical analysis of the division of labor from the craft division of labor found in both ancient and feudal societies to the division of labor in capitalist manufacture, what Smith described as the modern division of labor, and finally to the division of labor in the factory, machine production, as described in Capital.
2. In his major work Capital Marx set out his analysis of the commodity and its power (the fetishism of commodities) which led to his analysis of capital in general (M-C-M) with its three types: merchant, industrial and interest-bearing. First, spell out these two dimensions of Marx’s analysis of modern capitalism—the power of the commodity and the power of capital in general and two of its three types: merchant and industrial. Here you should focus your answer on explaining in some detail the power of capital in general and specific details of merchant and manufacturing capital. Then, you should also spell out the role of the capitalist as the living support of the process of capital accumulation as well as the labor-power of the wage-laborer as the main source for the increase in exchange-value that generates surplus value for the capitalist. Finally, briefly discuss why Marx believed that the normal functioning of capital would lead to the centralization and concentration of capital.

I choose 2


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