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What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course comprehensive project?

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Finance, Accounting and Banking | 0 comments

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At the end of each unit, DB participation is assessed based on level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion. DBs allow learners to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB are accepted after the end of the unit. Learners must demonstrate an appropriate depth of understanding of course content to receive credit for having submitted substantive posts. Typically, this is achieved with 3–4 strong paragraphs for Main Posts and 2–3 strong paragraphs for Response Posts.
Competencies and Knowledge
This assignment has 2 parts:
What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course Comprehensive Project? How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Comprehensive Project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
Discuss the similarities and differences between shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder wealth maximization.
Good Thursday,
What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course Comprehensive Project? How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Comprehensive Project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
Well, as I have made known, this material is all very much foreign to me. As someone who has spent nearly 20 years in healthcare, making the jump into the business world has been challenging, but so informative. I can truly say that I knew next to nothing about Global Financing when I began this class. I was aware that many companies choose to expand into foreign countries but had no idea what was involved or the reasons the decision was made. Now I am aware of some of the benefits (as well as the challenges) that businesses face when deciding to pursue foreign endeavors. I also now have a keener understanding of exchange rates and what determines the currency strength within a country. I am still in the preliminary stages of my final project, but I can safely say that this course taught me what I need to know writing the paper.
As far as my hopeful future career in management, this course was very challenging, but also very necessary, because it introduced so many foreign concepts to me. I realize that I cannot depend upon my healthcare knowledge alone to pursue administration, I must have the ground knowledge of finances and the decision-making capability when to expand or reduce services when not financially feasible. While I may not work for a company that is present overseas, there is still much from this course that I have learned regarding how a business operates financially (while some is still above my head) and how to assist in decision making for the financial future for the organization.
Research skills are competencies that help in find answers to questions or solutions to problems. They can include the ability to gather information or data, analyse the data and create solutions based on your findings.
The following are the competence I am able to develop in researching and writing my project
1. The Ability to search and assess information
All research involves the search for credible information that can be analyse and use to arrive at an answer or solution.
2. The Attention to detail result
Being able to pay close attention to details is often an essential skill in my work following specific policies and procedures outlined for my project. This means I need to know the details of performing these project successfully and adhering to its rules.
3. The Note-taking skills
Note-taking skills the ability to gather the most important information and summarise to be referenced.
4. Time management skills
Time management skills refer to the ability to categorise projects into manageable parts, make a deadline-oriented plan and complete each section of your plan by your scheduled deadline.
5. Evaluation of sources
Always assess the credibility of my sources. Before accepting a source’s information as valid, I check if that source is reliable. There are multiple ways to check for a source’s validity, such as by seeing if the author of the article or website is an authority within their field.
How I leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath.
Business knowledge is a huge resource whether the skills and experience of team members, the processes for delivering your goods and services and those hidden documents that hold the key to your business success. Knowledge retention is holding onto those skills, experiences, and expert insight, which collectively create key components that your business rely on. Business knowledge can also make or break an enterprise. Companies operate in a knowledge economy, and that means learning how to capitalise on the currency that is information. Understanding the role that knowledge plays in your business is not enough though; learn about documentation, business and process management.
The intellipath provided me with these knowledge and skills also in selling of products market research and feasibility and lots more.
This has a lot to do in my advancement in management in utilization of financial resources as a significant part of financial management. The application of financial management allows managers to obtain answers to critical questions like which assets to acquire, when is the right time to buy the assets, whether the existing assets need to be replaced or upgraded.
This will also help in protecting the funds of the project in order to achieve future business objectives. Overspending on a project can have a significant impact on the operational efficiency of other projects and strong financial management works to avoid the same Financial managers identifying the areas where funds are required and allocate them efficiently in order to ensure smooth functioning across various areas of an organization.
Discuss the similarities and differences between shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder wealth maximization.
So, I have to admit, until this class, I did not realize much of a difference between a shareholder and stakeholder. I thought they were synonymous terms used interchangeably. I was wrong. A shareholder is someone who has a vested financial interest in the company through “shares” of the company, most commonly stocks. The goal of shareholder wealth maximization is gains noted in the price of stocks, or the profits of the company. There can be common or preferred shareholder, and each can make different decisions for company.
Stakeholders are those who are directly invested (monetarily or not) in the company. They are more concerned with the overall success of the company. A stakeholder may include a customer, supplier or someone working with the company, hoping to advance up the corporate ladder. If this company were to dissolve, the stakeholder would be much more affected, because the shareholder could simply sell the stock and move onto another investment. Stakeholders have a longer-term investment in the project, shareholders hope to gain as much as possible in the short term.
This is my understanding of the differences. Both Shareholders and stakeholder seek to gain wealth through the company, but it just the timing that each looks to remain invested in the company, stakeholders looking for long term success.
Please feel free to comment.
Greetings to all!
During research on the subject, you can gain a lot of updated knowledge. It is not only with respect to the subject we are learning but also with respect to other topics as well. As a result of writing the Unit 5 Individual Assignment, I have gained a more in-depth understanding of different things and developed my skills, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities. My understanding of research skills has improved, I am able to observe more carefully, and my diverse skills have been enhanced. Aside from this, it enhances my analytical and inference skills, as well as my understanding of global finance and the European Union. Having reviewed all of this, I am convinced that we should conduct thorough research before working on anything in order to maximize our time and achieve our goals. Furthermore, I was able to get a better grasp of international markets, get to know US-based companies, and understand how European companies work together.
This really enhanced my knowledge and I learned a lot, which will definitely help me in the future when I’m considering jobs or starting a business. Since I’m able to manage my time effectively through this research, I’m a better manager. Global finance knowledge, how companies work globally, how they invest, how they deal with risks, etc., making strategies and implementing them in research, group studies, etc.
The Intellipath course has taught me a lot about global finance and how multinationals make money in other countries.
Through this research, I develop competencies like time management, communication, writing, research, reading, observation, analytical, and critical thinking. Through the European Union topic and related topics of global finance, my research enhanced my knowledge about multinational firms and how they invest and generate more revenue. My career and future will definitely benefit from this knowledge.
Shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder wealth maximization: There aren’t many similarities between the two because one has the company’s shares and the other is a board member who runs the operations, but both want to maximize wealth and earn profits.
However, maximizing shareholder wealth is about maximizing the flow of dividends through time – a long-term approach. Groups and individuals who benefit from or are harmed by corporate actions, or whose rights are violated or regarded as insufficient.
Have a good day!


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