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How can you support their thinking with another example?

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Marketing and PR | 0 comments

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Reflect on the evolution of marketing over the past century. For this discussion, discuss 1-2 major changes that you think will affect the field of marketing over the next decade using the external environmental elements. (technology, tariffs, elections, social media etc.)
Support your answer by linking to the website of a company that embodies these changes or find 1-2 separate companies that show each of the 1-2 changes you feel will be most pertinent in the next decade. Connect your ideas and thoughts to elements from your textbook reading and cite them properly.
End your initial post with a reflective question you want your classmates to respond to. Examples could include a question you have about the company, or about what their thoughts are on one of the changes in your discussion.
In response to at least 2 of your classmates, answer their posted reflective question. Then, choose one of the major changes they discussed and expand on their thinking. Use the following questions to guide your responses:
How can you support their thinking with another example? Link to the company/example as well.
Can you expand on their thoughts with additional ideas?
Do you disagree with their position?
Do you have a relevant work example to share? If so, thoughtful explain why you think that and support your thinking with an example.
The purpose here to advance the conversation forward as much as possible and engage in thoughtful discussions. Your responses should be at least 200 Words


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