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Evaluate the success of your search.

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Specific Requirements
1. Include a paragraph describing the topic or question you are seeking information about. The topic should be related to chiropractic care, either outcomes or methods of care. State your question in the form of a hypothesis that you will try to find support for. For example: “Chiropractic care can provide pain relief to patients with migraine headache” or “Functional Leg Length Asymmetry is a reliable predictor of low back pain.” Use this to propose a PICO question, which you will use to search the literature.
2. List the search engine(s) used (e.g. Pubmed, MANTIS, CINAHL, ICL). This should be a tool capable of searching peer-reviewed chiropractic or health journals. Don’t google the World Wide Web; use a specific literature-searching tool. You must use at least 2 different search engines.
3. List the keywords searched in the indices, show how they were combined to focus your topic.
4. State the number of citations you found using that search strategy.
5. List at least 8 references in peer reviewed journals that pertain to your initial question. Use the Vancouver referencing format: Author1 FM, Author2 FM. Title of article. Journal Name, Year of publication; Vol#(Issue#):pgs-pgs.
6. In 8 paragraphs, provide information about each paper you cite, describing the information they gave you that helps answer your PICO question.
7. In a paragraph, list reasons why you might have excluded an article from your list of citations retrieved.
8. Evaluate the success of your search. Did you find what looks to be useful information? Provide a paragraph that describes the basic findings of your search and how they help you answer the question you asked at the beginning of the search.
9. Discuss what future research might be needed and how well your question was answered.
• Paragraph 1: This paragraph provides your topic, explains why it is of interest to you, and offers some background information on your topic. It tells me what your specific PICO question is. (5 points)
• Paragraph 2: This paragraph tells me what search terms you used, what databases you visited (2 are required), what they initial yield for your search consisted of, and how you decided to include the 8 papers that you found. Why did you choose these and not others? (10 Points)
• Paragraph 3: This is where you will list the 8 papers you cite in your paper. You will cite them using Vancouver style. Here is an example of a Vancouver-style reference: Wells B, Lawrence DJ. Potential publication bias is chiropractic and spinal manipulation research listed on J Canadian Chiropr Assoc 2020;64:82-87 (10 points)
• Paragraphs 4-11: You will provide one detailed paragraph per paper you cite, discussing what the papers tell you that helps answer your PICO question. (50 points)
• Paragraph 12: This paragraph discusses how successful your search was, how you might search differently in the future. (10 points)
• Paragraph 13: This summarizes what you found and also discusses what research you think needs to be done in the future to help answer your PICO question based on what you found- or did not find- when you did the search. (10 points)
I will attach a sample of the paper, the format is the same but different topic.
please let me know if you have any question


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