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Evaluate the seven theories presented in chapter 2 of the counseling individuals through the lifespan text.

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Theories of Development
The purpose of this discussion is to help you analyze and convey your understanding about the concept of a theory, the contribution of theoretical evaluation, and how theories contribute to understanding developmental processes.
Evaluate the seven theories presented in Chapter 2 of the Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan text. Consider how they broaden the knowledge and appreciation of the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and educational growth perspectives researched over time. Note that theories, the testing of theories, and application of theoretical perspectives are embedded throughout the study, analysis, and research of human development.
For this discussion, complete the following:
Briefly describe the concept and general requirements of theory.
Briefly explain how the requirements for developmental theory differ from general theory.
Your own theory of choice will likely change often, as you continue to grow as a professional counselor. At this point, based on your readings for this unit, choose one theory you are leaning toward. Describe why this theory resonates with you.
Think about this theory in relation to your chosen specialization area of interest (school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, and so on).
Reference the textbook and cite any other scholarly articles used from the counseling literature to support your ideas. The Theory Research page of the Capella library Masters Research guide is linked in Resources for your convenience.
Theories of Human Growth and Development
Use your Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan text to read the following:
Chapter 2, “Theories of Human Development,” pages 23–43.
This chapter focuses on the developmental theories that researchers use to explain human development throughout the lifespan. As we study each stage of human development, we look at how each theory and theoretical models come into play.


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