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Essay #2 Argumentative Analysis
Argumentative Analysis
Essay at a Glance
In Essay 2, we will be learning how to determine what makes evidence credible. In order to develop these skills, you will analyze an issue from multiple perspectives and identify elements that lead to credibility and apply them to your paper. In your essay, you will assert if the authors’ claims are sufficiently supported by the evidence. The truth of the authors’ claims will be examined through closely reading and understanding the text(s), choosing strong specific examples to examine the effectiveness of the authors’ support, and explaining how the authors’ specific examples and evidence do or do not support their claims.
Main Goals for Essay 2 _________________________________________________
Practice close reading and analysis of primary sources to find meaning
Develop an original argumentative essay that requires integration of the primary sources into the essay
Argumentative Essay Prompt
You will pick a topic of your choice that is arguable (multiple opinions).
NOTE: Please email Professor Mike with the topic you plan to write about no later than Friday by end of day. I will either approve or disapprove your topic choice.
Write a well-organized, five-paragraph essay of at least four pages. Use evidence from online sources to support your arguments by either direct quotes or paraphrasing passages in your own words.
You must provide in-text citations and include all sources used in your works cited page.
You must use a minimum of 5 direct quotes and/or paraphrases total to support your essay. You must use a minimum of 3 sources of evidence from your online research.
NOTE: Don’t rely on the quotes to explain themselves. Lead your reader into the quote or paraphrase, then give the quote or paraphrase, and then explain how it’s relevant to the point you’re making. Use the I.C.E. model: Introduce, Cite, Explain.

MLA Format
Include a relevant title that captures your reader’s attention (“Argumentative Paper” is NOT a relevant title)
One-inch margins
12 pt font
Times New Roman
4 pages in length minimum (any less than 4 full pages will have points deducted)
include in-text citations
include a works cited page (not included in page count
my argument is that off road vehicle in california should be street legal.


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