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Discussion question requirements

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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Companies are constantly researching their economic status to determine the company’s projected business performance. The scales of the economy are directly related to how to market the business. Determining the marketing strategy of direct mail marketing, text messaging marketing, search engine marketing, advertising experts, and/or digital marketing. In this discussion question, you will apply theory from your past courses in economics and marketing:
Describe how you should consider inflation when analyzing your existing or new business idea/product/service or creating a strategic management approach?
Provide three (3) options that you will consider for pursuing new market opportunities. How could the options for pursuing marking opportunities be applied to your career planning at the current stage of your career? You should consider the business idea or new product/service in your Capstone (universal printing Inc).
Describe in details to support your response.
Peer Response
Discussion Question Requirements
Write your responses in the APA format.
You must include at least two references in your Discussion Question – Economics and Marketing.


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