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What specifically makes you feel this way (5 points)?

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Interview a Parent Assignment=40 points Directions: For this assignment, you will be interviewing a parent of an elementary aged child (ages 5-11). If you have a child this age, do not put down your own answers, but instead ask someone else with a child this age. You may conduct the interview electronically through email or messaging as well as in person. Ask the parent the following questions while thinking of their child. If they have more than one child this age, ask them to answer all the questions with only one specific child in mind. If you are asking them face-to-face or over the phone, record their answers. What are your child’s favorite activities (5 points)? How do you decide what activities they get to participate in (5 points)? Is working with your child’s school pleasant or difficult (5 points)? What specifically makes you feel this way (5 points)? Has your child ever had problems with peers at school (5 points)? If yes, how did you help them with problems with peers or if not, what do you think has helped your child avoid problems with peers (5 points)? What do you wish the school would do differently for your child (5 points)? How do you view your role as a parent in helping your child develop socially and emotionally (5 points)? What you will submit: A typed transcript of the parent’s answers to the interview questions If you don’t know what a transcript is or need a refresher, you can look at an example here: A written response about how their answers related to what you read in the chapter (did their answers seem to agree with or contradict the information you read?). Your response should be a minimum of 400 words and include at least two examples from your text book. Parenthetically () cite the page numbers where your information comes from in the text. Not meeting word count will result in the following deductions: 300-399 words (-10 points) 200-299 words (-20 points) 100-199 words (-30 points) 0-99 words (-40 points)


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