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Describe the topic of your project.

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Informational Website on WIX 3 pages with at least 3 original photos and content including written transcriptions from at least 3 interviews 4 interviews were conducted with signed releases (3 to 5 used on the website) and links to 3 legitimate research info sources referenced. Proposal You will need to write a proposal for your project. The proposal should be 2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced. The first page should include the description of the content of your project (i.e. what it will be about) and why and how it will promote social justice. On the second page, give a list of 3 research sources you have read on the topic and briefly what you have learned through the research. On the third page, list the 4 people you plan to interview by name, describe them and tell briefly what you intend to discover from your interviews with them. The finished proposal should be spell and grammar checked, uploaded to Moodle, and handed in as a hard copy. Proposal Name Producer Name Format: 1. Describe the topic of your project. In one paragraph, explain how will the project promote social justice? 2. In 3 paragraphs, list the links to 3 solid informational websites you have read about your topic and briefly describe the information you have leaned from each site. 4. In four paragraphs, list the names and titles emails, and contact numbers of 4 people you plan or hope to interview for your project. For each person, write a paragraph explaining why they are a good choice and summarize the information you hope to gather from them.


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