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Define each term in 1-2 complete sentences.

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Define each term in 1-2 complete sentences. Please follow the terms that are within the textbook. The textbook is attached. No googling terms, please. This will need to be completed as a word document. Terms are listed below. NOTE- This assignment is due on 10/23/22 at 3 p.m. CST. If possible, please return to me by 2 p.m. CST that day so I have time to review it. Thank you!! Chapters 18-20. Chapter 18. Life in Industrial America – 1. The railroads 2. The national market 3. Electricity 4. Urbanization 5. Immigration 6. Machine Politics 7. Henry Grady & the “New South” 8. Jim Crow 9. Lynching 10. Rebecca Latimer Felton 11. Ida B. Wells 12. Voter Suppression 13. The Lost Cause 14. Birth of a Nation 15. The “Gospel of Wealth” 16. Business and Morals 17. Gender Norms 18. Women Activists 19. Muscular Christianity 20. Popular Entertainment Chapter 19. American Empire- 1. The Concept of “Empire” 2. American Intervention in China 3. American interventions in Mexico 4. American missionaries 5. The U.S.S. Maine 6. William McKinley 7. Yellow Journalists 8. The Spanish-American War 9. The Philippine–American War 10. Anti-Imperialism 11. Theodore Roosevelt 12. “The Big Stick,” “The Roosevelt Corollary,” and Theodore Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy 13. American interventions in Latin America 14. The Panama Canal 15. Women and Imperialism 16. “Civilization” 17. Sources of Immigration 18. Anti-Immigrant Sentiment 19. The Chinese Exclusion Act 20. Catholicism and American culture Chapter 20. The Progressive Era- 1. Reform 2. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 3. “Muckrakers” 4. Looking Backward 5. Walter Rauschenbusch 6. The Club Movement 7. The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union 8. Jane Addams and Hull House 9. Women’s Suffrage 10. “The Trusts” 11. Business Regulation 12. The 1912 Presidential Election 13. John Muir 14. The Conservation Movement 15. Disfranchisement 16. Segregation 17. Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) 18. Booker T. Washington 19. The “Atlanta Compromise” Speech 20. W.E.B. DuBois


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