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The required title and reference pages do not count toward the minimum number of pages of content that are required.

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Please note that your paper must conform to APA guidelines for research papers. See all information regarding the APA formatting style given to you in directions for prior assignments, and please use it.
Remember you need a minimum of seven scholarly source references . You completed the bibliography in week four but you are free to add more sources as needed. You must use those listed sources within your work and cite them properly, or you cannot list them on your References page. You must always cite all the work you use from another person.
Your paper will be a minimum of five pages, double spaced, using one-inch margins on all sides–no extra. The required title and reference pages DO NOT count toward the minimum number of pages of content that are required.
The goal of this assignment is to write a descriptive/informative research paper on a historical topic in journalism.
Course Objective(s):
CO1: Explain the value of the Constitutional guarantees as set forth in the Bill of Rights, specifically the First Amendment.
CO2: Compare and contrast the historical and social developments in the 20th century and how it has shaped journalistic trends in print and broadcast media.
CO3: Examine the reality of war and conflict situations reported in the past and present.
CO4: Examine the Code of Ethics for journalists and understand its application to the journalism profession.
CO5: Understand the importance of studying the historical, political and social narratives surrounding the development of journalism during distinct eras in history.


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