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Please read gartner’s “executing on innovation: design the process from idea to value”.

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Please read Gartner’s “Executing On Innovation: Design The Process From Idea to Value”.
Gartner_Executing On Innovation Processes.pdf

Excellent alignment with the course as stated within the article: “As part of creating an innovation competency, CIOs need to design an innovation process that moves ideas from inception to demonstrable business value. This research presents the choices at each stage and provides examples of innovation processes targeting different goals.
Your Discussion Board Assignment: As stated within the article, there are 5 Examples of Innovation Processes:
a) The STREET Process
b) Enterprise Architecture Disruptive Trend and Digital Transformation Process
c) Design Thinking Process
d) New Product Development Process
e) Lean Startup Process
Of the 5 Innovation Processes, which 1 of the 5 are you interested in the most and why?
For example, at Verizon (and my apologies for the Verizon references as this is the company I ‘grew up’ in starting at 18 years old), we used the “Verizon Design For Lean Six Sigma” which is mostly (c) Design Thinking Process and a little bit of (e) Lean Startup Process. Verizon always tries to be ‘Lean Startup’ but it can’t escape being anything but a startup! (Verizon is big and slow)
I have attached my Verizon Training Document on “Design For Lean Six Sigma” to give you an example of an industry approach of Business Process Design and Workflow Analysis.
Verizon_Design For Lean Six Sigma.pdf
Look forward to reading your choices within the Discussion Board.


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