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• facts: describe the events leading up to the two parties being in court.

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Students in this course are required to prepare a written and oral report on one assigned Supreme Court case. Each report will analyze (1) the facts of the case, (2) the constitutional issue(s) involved, (3) the Court’s holding/decision, (4) the reasoning for the Court’s decision, (5) dissenting opinions and (6) your opinion of the case and its outcome. Your case assignment should identify the author of the opinion and the justices agreeing with the majority opinion as well as the dissenting justices. The written report should be approximately 2-4 pages per case. Lengthy verbatim quotations from the decisions are to be avoided.
• Facts: Describe the events leading up to the two parties being in court.
• Issue: Which part of the Constitution does this case involve? For purposes of this course, the issue will always be written/presented in the form of a question about the Constitution.
• Holding: The Supreme Court’s answer to the question introduced in the Issue (see above). This is the majority opinion, otherwise known as the law.
• Reasoning: Explain why the Supreme Court found the way it did in the majority opinion. Your analysis should clearly illustrate why one side lost and the other side won. Your paper should also include the way the opinion outlines a resolution for similar situations to be dealt with by future administrators, lower courts, etc. This should be the most extensive part of the assignment.
• Dissenting Opinion: If any justice(s) disagreed with the majority in writing, the dissenting opinion(s) will explain why they did.
• Your Opinion: This portion of the paper should be based on the sections outlined above.
Students who have not prepared their report by the time the case is up for discussion will receive no credit for this part of the grade. Absence from class when the assigned case is discussed will similarly result in loss of credit. No electronic submissions will be accepted.


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