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 communication in a business context

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Culture | 0 comments

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An Intercultural Exploration
For this speech, you will research, organize, and present an extemporaneous speech that will provide focus on a specific country culture and how that culture communicates. This focus will provide research evidence that will assist the audience to better understand the chosen culture and their communication patterns.
 Nonverbal Communication Cues (understanding differences that might avoid confusion
or offense)
 How language is used, direct vs indirect (metaphor, imagery)
 Low or High context / Individualistic vs Collectivistic
 Paternal or Maternal Family Structure
 Basic Demographics: Race, Ethnicity, Historical Importance,
 Communication in a business context
 Traditions: Religion, Funeral practices, foods, etc.
 Any method by which people within the culture communicate with each other or other cultures.
The speech has to be at least 4 to 6 minutes long.
The topic is based off of the Italian culture: Should mention the food culture (the foods they eat, when they eat and so on), its family culture, and travel culture.
I will be attaching a document with this for the sources, one source should be an interview from someone from that culture.


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